Barn Salvage
Where one man’s junk is another man’s treasure...
Welcome to My name is John Killebrew and I've been
tearing down old barns and houses for a living for the past 20 years.
If you are looking to have your barn or house taken down, contact me here.  I
will come out and discuss what you need done.  It is my goal to salvage as
much of your structure as possible.  Every situation is unique.  Find out how I
could be paying you to take your building down!
If you are in need of materials you can only get out of a barn or old house, my
wife and I are selling salvaged barn and house materials at flea markets.     
We currently set up our flea market booth at:
Kane County Flea Market, St. Charles, IL, first Sunday of each month, April
through October
Third Sunday Flea Market, Interstate Center, Bloomington, IL, third Sunday
of each month May through October

Shoot me an
e-mail if you are looking for that special item, barn door hangers,
that perfect wood for your craft or furniture need, or anything you have a need
for.  I can e-mail you pictures of items I have in stock and bring them to one of
these flea markets, or we can arrange separate delivery.  
This winter the wife and I plan to take our flea market booth on the road.  We
will post here when we commit to a show, or you can always e-mail us with a
request to set up at a show near you!
I also enjoy selling in what my wife lovingly calls, "man junk".  Old barn finds
such as door & window hardware, deer hangers and tractor manuals.  You
know, just about anything you can find in an old barn.  I usually sell these types
of items on my E-bay page.  To see what items I currently have listed on E-bay
click on the E-bay Logo below.  It will take you directly to my current E-bay
auction listings.  Be sure to check back often, as I sometimes get busy during
the summer with outside work and don't get as much listed as I'd like to.  While
you are there, check out my excellent feedback rating.  Of course you can
always send me an
e-mail if you are looking for something specific.  I just might
have it on hand.  Thanks for your interest.
John E. Killebrew
Waverly, Illinois  62692